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Matted Pet Release Form - Rover's Day Ranch

Matted Pet Release Form

I am aware that my dog / cat has matted hair. I have been informed that my pet’s grooming will require extra care and time due to this condition. I authorize Rover’s Day Ranch groomers to shave off any and all matted hair as necessary. I understand there will be extra charges due to the extra time and care my pet will receive.  I also know that the trim can be shorter than I wish.

Rover’s Day Ranch groomers will use all precautions in clipping my pet, but I am aware, because my pet is matted he/she may get clipper irritations (clipper burn) and or cut in the aforementioned grooming process.

I agree not to hold Rover’s Day Ranch and their employees responsible for any irritations or injury incurred as a result of this grooming.

I agree to pay any and all charges for said procedure. Should my pet require veterinary care during or after the procedure, I authorize Rover’s Day Ranch to provide necessary treatment for my pet and agree to pay any and all veterinary fees.

OWNER NAME (printed) ___________________________________________________________________


PET’s NAME_____________________________________________________________________________

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